Where all started: "A new Brand is Born"

Where all started: "A new Brand is Born"

On June 13th 2019 the Marjan MBH brand was officially presented to the public in its headquarters in Locarno Piazza Grande. It was more than just a launch of a collection, it was the gathering of various artist which made the evening beautiful.

First of all, Marjan Bigharaz, the designer and CEO of the brand, presented the new pieces of the Marjan MBH collection, in particular the new model Kashkool, surprising everyone with the distinguish touch of class and the vibrant colors of the new bags.

Secondly, the talented painter Dana Rizza exposed her collection of paintings that have amazed everyone with their futuristic and abstract touch. In addition to this, the two artists have found a way to combine their talents: Marjan’s bags have become Dana’s canvas, giving life to unique pieces that have been able to amaze even those who are not fashion lovers.

The evening was delighted by the sound of Hirad Houshmand’s piano which repeatedly captured the attention of the guests thanks to his incredible talent and commitment. In a night that was the celebration of art, even the food was elevated to a work of art, thanks to the commitment of the Marnin confectionery able to create true masterpieces.

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