Quality over Quantity: The importance of choosing craftsmanship

Quality over Quantity: The importance of choosing craftsmanship

In an era where clothes are designed to be fleeting and disposable, there is still a large circle of consumers, designers and manufacturers who prefer clothes and accessories that last longer and guarantee a timeless style.

Fashion trends change in the blink of an eye, pushing consumers and companies towards a sphere of non-ecologically sustainable action which, in addition to causing significant environmental damage, favors the loss of tradition.

The new increasingly standardized and mechanical processes, with powerful and precise machinery, have replaced most of the traditional processes, guaranteeing impeccable products that however lack a soul.

Because this is exactly what you are looking for in a handmade product: its soul. Touching a fabric, a skin and knowing that a short time before that same material was handled by another human being, who worked, sewed, polished it for us. The priceless sensation is also due to the fact that craftsmen also have the best raw material available, since its processes are carried out with the principle that quality is more important than quantity.

When the idea of MBH was born, the main mission was to create an object of rare quality and uniqueness. Mass production was logically put out of the question from the first minute, precisely because it was in contrast with the central idea of the project.

In fact, MBH turns to a network of artisans for its production that combines traditional leather processing techniques, handed down from generation to generation, while remaining innovative with the help of technology and machinery which, instead of replacing the craftsmen, assist them in its creation process. The philosophy of keeping traditions firm while looking at the future was the meeting point between designers and craftsmanship that synergistically carried out a long and meticulous production process.

In addition to this, there is also an essential issue to mention: love.

The love of the designer for his creations is so reminiscent of that of a mother for her child: she creates it, looks after it, nourishes it, improves it and prepares it for the outside world. “I still remember when I saw the first Jasmin prototype. It was a strong emotion and I almost started to cry. I was very excited about the birth of my creature, so let’s say it was a bit like becoming a “mother” again. ” (Marjan Bigharaz, Designer and CEO of MBH)

For this reason, the choice to collaborate with those who put love and passion in their work has been number one priority for the MBH brand.

The results proved it right. You can look closely at MBH accessories and realize that every stitch is perfectly done and the quality is such that the bag lasts a lifetime.

In conclusion, if you might spend more on a craftsman bag, if you hope to keep it for the next 10 years, consider MBH: It just might be worth it.

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