The versatility of harmonious dissonances

The versatility of harmonious dissonances

Twenty4 is more than just an object, it’s a fashion statement that embodies the traditional values of style and becomes an exclusive mean for its owners to express their inner elegance.

The use of the finest quality leather, the meticulous workmanship and its timeless design, allow the Twenty4 to embody multiple shapes and adapt to the wearer within any occasion, be it an important business meeting or an elegant dinner.

Over time Twenty4, the first member of the MBH family, has undergone several structural changes, which have made it more practical and lighter, allowing the use of increasingly soft but resistant leathers.

Twenty4’s latest expression was born precisely with the idea of a worn garment that guarantees both practicality and a classy appearance. The bag in fact, thanks to its design, boasts duality of style: the shape can be modified at will, spreading is wings to be more roomy or closing them to have a more solid look. The handles and the shoulder strap can be removed, inserted or combined with each other with a simple gesture.

“I often had to go to Milan and stay there all day. Obviously I tried to find a look that could fit for both day and evening, in order to be well dressed for every occasion. There was always a little hitch: most of the bags were designed to be for just day-wearing or for the evening looks.

So I started thinking about a way to make the bag change its shape, becoming more compact for the evening or widening during the day to have more capacity. I also added the possibility to change the position of the handles or to insert a shoulder strap, so that the bag can be worn at will.”

The craftsmanship involves the use of high quality leathers from the most renowned Italian distributors: Adria leather, soft as butter, and Gange leather as smooth as silk.

These soft elements are contrasted by the hardness of the palladium-coated metal inserts (exclusively nickel-free) which overall complete the harmony of Twenty4.

The duality of the two elements is one of the cornerstones of the MBH concept of versatility, the harmonious contrast between the two diametrically opposed elements makes the bag suitable for any look, allowing you to accentuate one or the other aspect through your style decisions.

The idea of versatility is also further pushed forward by the decision to propose in 3 different sizes, large medium and small.

“I took inspiration from the people around me. None of us are the same as the other, there are those who are taller, some more minute, some more robust. Twenty4 could not have been an idea intended for a few women, precisely because it was born with the idea of satisfying all types of women.”

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